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NCCU MBS Simulated Business Management Competition 2024

The first MBS International Competition Team Selection, organized by the Kung-Hwa Management Foundation and NCCU Business Administration department, co-organized and sponsored by Top-BOSS, and also sponsored by Yuan-Ta Foundation, was successfully held last weekend. Students from 12 departments formed teams to participate, including Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Finance, International Business, Information Management, Banking and Finance, Public Finance, Risk Management and Insurance, Slavic Languages and Literature, Sociology, and Statistics. After more than a month of five online courses and two practice sessions, all teams had fully grasped the competition rules and basic business management concepts.

The morning session featured four intense rounds of MBS competition, ranking nine teams based on NPV scores. The afternoon session determined the presentation order by random draw. Each team delivered impressive presentations and faced rigorous questions and challenges from the judges. Ultimately, the top three teams emerged. Congratulations to the champion team, Starry, which will represent NCCU at the 2024 MBS International Competition hosted by Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand, in September 2024.


- Champion: Starry, awarded NTD 30,000 and round-trip tickets to       

   Thailand with hotel accommodation

- First Runner-up: CCAnne, awarded NTD 20,000

- Second Runner-up: BOSS, awarded NTD 10,000

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