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IABMS Inauguration ceremony
International Association of Business Management Simulation

International Association of Business Management Simulation

The International Association of Business Management Simulation (IABMS) is a non profitable association established in 2022 consisted of the Founding President and the Executive Committee composed of students from various Universities in the hope to promote business learning through AI based simulation as a brand new way to learn core business concepts. Same as other top tier Universities, students are able to learn and gain more insights into running a business by business management simulation through a virtual and competitive environment. The association hopes to provide more opportunities in helping different groups in the society understand how to manage a business and try to implement the strategies learnt.

Our Vision

The association strives to cultivate business professionals, promote industry-university cooperation and strengthen interactive exchange of ideas in the Asia-Pacific Region. IABMS endeavors to develop and promote interactive and effective pedagogical learning opportunities for academics and professionals in various disciplines of core business, including Finance, Management, Accounting and Operation Management, etc.

We hope to provide hands-on business opportunities with interdisciplinary learning to the younger generation, in order to explore their potential abilities to apply business skills and innovative ideas.

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