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Overseas Activities Committee

Our vision for overseas outreach activities is to foster global academic collaboration, promote cross-cultural exchange, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and understanding worldwide. We strive to establish meaningful partnerships with international institutions, researchers, and scholars, creating a platform for sharing insights, research findings, and best practices. Through our overseas outreach activities, we aim to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, promote academic mobility, and cultivate a diverse and inclusive. We aspire to broaden perspectives, empower individuals, and address global challenges through innovative research, education, and knowledge dissemination. Our vision encompasses nurturing future leaders, fostering intercultural competencies, and making a positive impact on society at a global scale.

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Overseas Sub-Committee (China) 
Committee Members (2nd Cohort)

Ian Mak.png

Ian Mak

Overseas Sub-Committee Administrator

Zhongkai University of Agriculture and Engineering

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