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International MBS Competition 2021 Poster
International MBS Competition 2021 - Competition Day

The International Macro Business Simulation Competition 2021 aims to provide students experience of a high-level dynamic business marketplace with practical exercise of Data Analysis and AI Decision Support System (DSS) through Business Intelligence (BI) to enhance the experience of business management learning. Students are encouraged to analyze and debate over various important business issues in an individual team. Each team must make decisions with long term planning to stay ahead of the competitors. Students were competed under a challenging business marketplace and got exposure to showcase their business acumen and broaden their horizon who strive to be the Entrepreneur, continuing mission of upholding their academic excellence.

The competition attracts over 200 students from 8 countries & regions converged in the Hong Kong Metropolitan University under hybrid mode. 

Champion: Binnovator (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - HK)

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