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Marketing Winner Dashboard

Marketing Winner

The Marketing Winner is a No-Zero-Sum Contest System which aims at value creation by considering the marketing, production, personnel, finance, or intelligence projects. Student can understand the peformance of business operations and decide how to make viable decisions through various financial statements and business analysis indicators.

Users can understand the quality of business operations and make decisions by reference to various financial tables and business analysis indicators. Through the exercise of this system, along with various management values such as EVA (Economic Value), it is possible to consider the least visible corporate assets.


The structure of the market environment is the foundation and core of the entire simulation system, which consists of urban markets and suburban markets. Each market has different development potentials, different needs, different consumption and media acceptance habits. In addition, there are overall economic and environmental parameters. The market environment is presented through various economic reports or market research reports, and these environmental parameters may change at each decision-making stage.

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