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Message to Association Members

Membership in the International Association of Business Management Simulation offers the following benefits:


  1. Advocation of life-long learning about professional business and management practices.

  2. Online workshops and webinars are provided.

  3. The IABMS newsletter includes information on case competitions and business simulation competitions.

  4. Promote academic and talent exchange. The research and study tour in the Greater Bay Area, and enhance competitiveness for integration into the Greater Bay Area market.

  5. No membership fee is required.


Learning Objective

  1. Providing a virtual business management experience applicable for various learning levels.

  2. Understand of financial reports with business intelligence (BI) tracking.

  3. Fostering the competition of business acumen among students while they are encouraged to practice the business concept in the real world.

  4. Allowing students to manipulate business concepts and observe the effects of their decisions.

  5. Enabling students to make viable strategic and tactical business decisions based on their theoretical understanding.

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